Witches Sealing is a event which took place 530 years ago.


When the world was about to get eaten by the Witch of Gluttony and the Witch of Envy, the people of Icathia had to choose a way how to forcome this. They knew they could kill the Witches so they had to seal them away. The people of Icathia chose to ask help from the Legendary Sage, The Sword Saint and The Dragon. With their power the could kill all the witches except Pandora and Satella. Couple years later the Witch of Envy became furious and killed all the witches except Pandora and Witch of Greed.

Echidna collected the souls of the killed Witches and sealed herself away at the Sanctuary in Arlam Village. Pandora flet and joined the Witch Cult later though the reason why she joined is still unknown. In year 0 Satella was all alone versus Flugel, Reid and Volcancia. It was a hard fight though they succeeded and sealed satella away for a part. They sealed the Witch of Envy part of her at the Evil Sealing Stone in Senhar. The Satella part faded away though Pandora took that part and sealed that part in the Sanctuary.