The Witch Cult is an organization that worships Satella, the Witch of Envy.


After the death of Emerada Lugnica, the Earth Devil created a organization which originally worshipped Echidna but later Satella. The Witch Cult has existed for over 400 years since the times when the witches were active. They are evil enough that knights are ordered to annihilate them immediately as soon as they appear. Their purpose is rumored to be the resurrection of the Witch of Envy.

100 years ago, the Witch Cult consisted of a moderate side, led by Petelgeuse, and a radical side.


The Witch Cult is made up of followers at the bottom and a group of members at the top known as Sin Archbishops . The Sin Archbishops each "represent" one of the seven sins other than envy that the other six witches were said to represent. They are selected based on whether they are compatible with Witch Genes, and currently only the representative for pride is vacant.

The Archbishops invite those who have the necessary qualities to become a Sin Archbishops. This can be seen with Jens, as Regulus wants to invite him and make him the Sin Archbishop of Pride as he has the Authority of Pride.

The Witch Cult has the goal to ressurect the Witch of Envy, Satella. For the ressurection they have to do the following :

  • 4 World Gospels - Currently only 1
  • All Gate Ola's destroyed - Currently only Garkla.
  • Whole Royal Family executed.
  • Sin Archbishop of Pride required.
  • The Ultimate Spirit
  • All other witches killed or inside the Sanctuary.
  • All other magical plantes destroyed. Completed.
  • All the Maidens.
  • A candidate to ressurrect Satella.
    • Which is most likely Emilia as vessel.


It its seen that the Archbishops work for themselves and not for others. The relations in the Witch Cult are somewhat stained and not trusted.


The Witch Cult has somewhat of alliances with the following organizations or people :



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Archbishops / other MembersEdit

Elza Kirite (sloth(deceased))


  • Yui (Regulus's Artificial Spirit)