The warriors are an organization of the Elda's military composed entrely of their youths. Out of the hundreds of warriors in service, a total of six are given privilege of leaving their continent and going to Lugunica.


Warrior's we're very unknown and is it was not revealed what their goal is. However, Historia later revealed that the mission of Team History was to destroy the Sanctuary and to kill the last members of the Royal Family. However, she also revealed that after their plan was failed, she and Annie abandoned the warriors. Which makes Sapphire, Starla and Lethias still active.


The Qualities are unknown though Vincent Volakia revealed that you need one of the six qualities.

Warrior TeamsEdit

While there are a lot warrior's, only three teams succeeded to become successful warriors and leave their Hometown.

  • Team History had originally 6 members, but the 6th disappeared during their final mission.
  • Team Stars are erased from all books, knowledge and memories.

Team RWBYEdit


Rose lived with her sister, Yang Xiao Long and her father Taiyang Xiao Long in Lugnica. Rose believed that being a warrior would make the world a better place to live in and believed that being a warrior was and that she would be like the great heroes in fary tales. However, she actually joined the Warriors to learn how her Mother died.

Couple years later after she joined Team RWBY, she left the team and dissappeared.

Weiss SchneeEdit

Weiss wanted to start a new life that would make the world better. She left Gusteko and the Schnee family and joined team RWBY. After the dissappearance of Rose, she was ordered to come back to the Schnee house.