• Characteristics•
 Gender Female
 Age 12 (Looks)

500+ (Actual)

 Hair Color Pink
 Eye Color Light Blue
 Height 165
• Professional Status•
 Previous Affiliation Sanctuary Barrier
Kingdom of Lugnica
 Previous Occupation A leader of the Demi Human Alliance
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Relative(s) Echidna (Creator)
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Magic Yin

Sphinx was one of Lugnica's three enemies during the Demi Human War. She is one of the first copies of Lewes Meyer created in the Sanctuary.


Like the original Lewes Meyer, all of the copies look the same. Lewes is a petite girl with long, wavy and fluffy pale red hair. She wears a large white robe that drags along the ground and is too big for her hands to show completely through the sleeves. The bodies of the copies are revealed to have been created entirely from mana, forcing them to change places in order to recharge once they reach their daily limit. Each of the four main Lewes take on the role as Lewes every four days.


According to Echidna, the first few copies had broken personalities; this is shown when Sphinx had no problems with killing Libre, just to have someone protect her. As she has a broken personality, she doesn't have complete emotions either, being unable to understand why Wilhelm tried to keep fighting even though he was injured, however things such as emotions intrigue her.


Magic User: Sphinx has been shown to use a number of a different magic.

  • Jiwald : Jiwald is a Yang Element magic that allows Sphinx to fire heat rays from her fingers. Sphinx is able to use all four levels of this magic.
  • Flying Magic : Sphinx used Flying Magic, allowing her to float in the sky.
  • Immortal King's Sacrament : The Immortal King's Sacrament can be used to resurrect people from the dead, though the effect of the magic depends on the skill of the user. As the version Sphinx used was incomplete, she was only able to reanimate corpses.
  • Barrier: Sphinx is able to deploy a barrier that strongly effects her opponents the more magic ability they have.