Otto was born in a merchant family. Because he was born with Blessing of kotodama, his language learning was much slower than normal.

(Blessing of Kotodama enables him to communicate with any organism or even plants)

Even when he could understand human language by controlling and shutting down his blessing in age 8, his behaviors unfitting to his age and pure bad luck caused many failures.

His Blessing was known to village kids, but it just made him more weirdo and even it was forgotten among them.

He finally ran away from his hometown when he had some problem with the nobility (He used information from his blessing to harm someone's honor) From then, he acted as independent merchant.

(Although many people(including Emilia) consider him as a coach driver)

His most recent activity was selling iron and buying oil to sell it in northern nation of Impacta. It once more proved his bad luck, as price of Iron skyrocketed after because of 'a noble' gathering weapons and border was blocked due to Royal Selection, almost ruining his business.