Magic is a paranormal power that alters mana passing through a gate into a form that has an effect on reality.


Magic is made up of six elements; Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Yin, and Yang. It is further classified into four categories; Fire Mana that covers heat, Water Mana that covers life and healing, Wind Mana that covers outside Divine Protections, and Earth Mana that covers inside Divine Protections. Some incantations for each element are Goa for fire, Huma for water, Fura for wind, Dona for earth, and Shamak for Yin.

The strength of spells starts from the original incantation and increases by adding El, Ur, or Al (These are called external power spells ) (example: Goa, El Goa, Ur Goa, and Al Goa for fire). There are way more External power spells like Ex, Alia, and Xile, Though they are harder to obtain because those spells are way more difficult to cast and learn. Yin spells cover debuffs while Yang spells cover buffs. An ordinary person is considered to be well off if they are compatible with either fire, water, wind, or earth. Although incantations are generally used to cast spells, if the user is experienced enough, they can cast them without saying anything.


Elemental Types

Name User Description Element
Cecilius Segmunt Manifests a blaze of fire to incinerate foes. It's either a blaze or a fireball. Fire
Flux Goa
Cecilius Segmunt The user absorbs enough Fire Mana from the atmosphere, and powers his weapon with the element. Fire
El Goa
Capella Emerada Lugnica The user fires a flaming circle around himself. Fire
Ur Goa
Joshua Juukulius The user fires a large amount of powerful fire bullets. A powerful flame scatters when the bullets land. Fire
Al Goa
Roswaal L Mathers The user lets loose a massive inferno. Fire
Ex Goa
Vincent Volakia The user creates an flame shield that burns the targets if they come too close. Fire
Fell Goa Julius Juukulius The user produces a sort of heat that creates a magical firestorm. Fire

Name User Description Element
Emilia The user creates a shining barrier that blocks other projectiles / sorts of magic, Though if the incoming magic is stonger than the shield it will inflict the user. Water
Flux Huma
Emilia The user absorbs enough Water Mana from the atmosphere, and powers his weapon with the element. Earth
El Huma
Rem The user shoots multiple Ice spikes through the users hand and cuts through human flesh that immediately after hit vanishes. Water
Ur Huma
Sapphire The user Emilia summons a massive ice pillar and hurls to it's target. It's capable of destroying an entire building. Water
Al Huma
Rem The user creates a sharp ten meter long spear of ice. It can also be modified to trap enemies. Water
Ex Huma
Emilia The user fires a beam of Ice right through the target. The user drains the Aura, Mana and Od from the target. The beam of Ice is strong and cannot be broken, but it can still melt. The target slowly freezes to death until he lost all of his Aura. This is known as forbidden Water Type magic and cannot be used by normal mages. Water
Flora Huma
Emilia The user creates a thick mist which freezes the users target. Water
Ice Flower
The user creates flowers made of ice on wounds of living beings within a certain area that suck the host's life force and bloom by sucking the host's blood. Seven years ago, Emilia couldn't control the effect area and stop it properly until Pack taught her how to do it correctly. Water
Ice Brand Arts
Emilia This technique allows the user to instantly conjure ice made weapons which she can use and freely manipulate in close-quarters combat. The weapons are very sturdy and are even capable of withstanding fire without melting. Water
Ice Brand Arts: Icicle Line
Emilia The user creates a limited area barrier made of ice particles around the user's opponent which he/she uses to attack in all directions by transforming the ice particles into weapons. This move was originally thought up by Fortuna. Water
Fortuna Elor
Emilia The user becomes capable of freezing the soul of the target. This allows the user to freeze someone who is immortal without killing it. This move is thought up by Emilia, this is actually also the way how she wanted to kill/defeat Pandora Water
Immortal King's Sacrament
Biehn Argyle
Magic that can resurrect people from the dead. The effect of the magic depends on the skill of the user as Biehn was only able to resurrect people as zombies, while Ferris was able to animate his mother's corpse, however her body didn't last long as the version of the magic he used was incomplete Water

Name User Description Element
Otto Suwen Shoots a thick brick of earth in a direction the user wants to. Earth
Flux Dona
Otto Suwen The user absorbs enough Earth Mana from the atmosphere, and powers his weapon with the element. Earth
Al Dona
Garfiel Tinsel The user lifts a giant boulder which he can shoot into the direction he wants to. Earth
El Dona
Al The user creates a shockwave, that creates after a short time an earthquake. Earth
Ur Dona
Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti
Otto Suwen
The user lifts thick walls of earth around him / her self in a shape of a dome. Earth
Lethias The user becomes able to melt the ground and shoot a line of lava. Earth
El Gaia
Lethias The user makes a layer of molten earth around himself and uses it as armor. Earth
Garfiel Tinsel The user absorbs the life from the ground/grass and heals himself and gains mana back. Earth

Name User Description Element
Ram The user shoots wind slashes with a super high speed that can cut through wood, stone & flesh with ease. Wind
Flux Fura
Nathan Harmonia The user absorbs enough Wind Mana from the atmosphere, and powers his weapon with the element. Wind
El Fura
Ram The user unleashes a extreme blast of magical wind. It is commonly used to push your enemies away, and possibly knocking them out. Wind
Al Fura
Historia The user blesses a target, which allows them to gain movement speed and become better in dodging certain attacks. Wind
Ur Fura
Sinon The user creates a hurricane which is controllable. Wind
Ex Fura
Sirius The user creates a sphere around someones head that let the target suffocate. Wind
Kisa Fura
Crusch Karsten The user changes the weather to a stormy one. Releasing a giant tornado. Wind
Exliatoras Fura
Sirius The shoots a hyper-speed wind slash. This is a advanced version of Fura, Though this one cuts through human flesh and curses the target. Wind
Felt The user creates 3 clones of him self made by wind. these 3 clones run to the target and run through the target with hyper speed. leaving a lot of injuries. Though after they ran through their target they disappear. This magic costs a lot of Mana. Wind
Ex Zephyr
Felt The user covers him/herself with wind mana which blocks every incoming attack and enables the user to have immense hyper-speed. Wind

Name User Description Element
The target becomes unable to sense where they are, however they can still feel the ground and sense what's happening to their body Yin
Afra Shamak
The user is able to split the soul and body of the target Yin
Flux Shamak
Cecilius Segmunt The user absorbs enough Yin Mana from the atmosphere, and powers his weapon with the element. Yin
Al Shamak
Meili The user becomes able to read the targets mind and becomes able to change memories. This ability is only for high skilled Yin mages and is known to be one of the hardest basic spells. Yin
El Shamak
Beatrice El Shamak covers the area in darkness like Shamak except the opponent can't tell anything while under its effect, such as where they are sitting or standing. Those affected by it can be snapped out of its effects Yin
Ur Shamak
Al Shamak is capable of sending its target to a different dimension, world and realities Yin
Ex Shamak
Beatrice The user makes the target see illusions. These illusions are normaly familiar people who are trying to kill you, If you are too long under this effect you can paralyze. Yin
Ul Shamak
Beatrice The user creates a shadowy sphere around himself what protects himself against magic like things. Yin
Meili The user creates a stone with flowing yin mana. This stone is able to be thrown, when thrown, the stone breaks and the user teleports to thrown location. These stones are also known as Gusteko Stones named by Meili. Yin

Al Umbra
Meili The user releases a shock wave of shadows which terrify nearby enemies. Yin

Julius Juukulius The user curses his target. Yin

El Scelus
Beatrice The user curses his target with a non-light curse, which is unable to be removed until the necessary conditions are done. Yin

Ex Scelus
Echidna The user curses his target with a unable to be removed curse. These curse are not lethal but are able to exhaust you that much that you become suicidal Yin

The user removes any kind of magic which the target is holding. This only works for a couple of seconds. Yin

Door Crossing
Beatrice Beatrice can connect the door of the library to any door she wishes to. She can also use a limited version to teleport things Yin
Beatrice Magic that creates stakes made of crystallized mana covered with light purple flames. They are strong enough to penetrate defenses. Any stakes in the air explode and release smaller stakes that fly in all directions which then rips targets apart Yin
El Minya
Beatrice Same as Minya except the number of stakes can go up to 40 Yin
Beatrice The user heals the target and disinfects infections. Yin
Al Dureka
Beatrice The user can remove a curse from a target. Yin
Ur Minya
Beatrice The user creates a purple ring of light around the target that shrinks and binds the target, subsequently spreading across their body. Once the target is bound, a huge purple blue light appears above the target to destroy them. The effect is currently unknown as Beatrice's attempt was stopped partway through Yin
Beatrice Reduces the effects of gravity. Just by jumping lightly a person can jump as if they had springs. If the user wishes to, it can also be used to fly, although the user will get blown around by the wind like a leaf, but they won't flip around in midair Yin
Puriadu Serino Shamak
Puriadu Serino Shamak (Later named E.U.D / Emilia's Ultimate Defense) is a Yin spell originally only used by the original Lewes Meyer and Echidna, it was later used by Beatrice as Jens his Artificial Spirit. The spell creates a zone also known as Terrain, within that terrain, every magic entity that isn't the casters will be deleted. Beatrice uses Yin Magic to interfere with the time and space around Jens, and while the caster can't move during activation, he experiences no interference from outside the terrain. It is similar to the Authority of Greed but doesn't have the same risk, and can be used until mana runs out Yin
Consenia Mirak
Consenia Mirak (Later named E.A.A / Emilia's Absolute Assistance) is a Yin spell that was created by the original Lewes Meyer and later used by Beatrice as Jens his Artificial Spirit. The user blesses himself and becomes immune against any magic like abilities, entities and attacks. The user becomes also immune against mind control abilities like the Authority of Wrath or Petelgeuse's possession ability. Yin
Maximuma Cruseda
Maximuma Cruseda (Later named E.M.A / Emilia's Maximum Attack) is a Yin spell that was originally used by the original Lewes Meyer and later used by Beatrice as Jens his Artificial Spirit. The user creates a black hole that sucks everything into it. When the target is "eaten" by the black hole, the user loses all of his contracts with magic like spirits. If the target has any magic weapons with him, the magic weapons get destroyed or take the soul of the person and put the soul into the magic weapon. The soul can leave if the user casts Afra Shamak with the weapon. Yin
Flux Shamak
The user becomes able to teleport himself and other beings with him through walls or even through time and space rifts that are physically unable to pass through. Yin

Name User Description Element
Priscilla Barielle The user produces pale colored light around the target that envelops them in a veil of golden light. The veil presumably allows the target to carry things with ease. Yang
Flux Akra
Nathan Harmonia The user absorbs enough Yang Mana from the atmosphere, and powers his weapon with the element. Yang
El Akra
Julius Juukulius The user creates a thin light blade which is able to burn targets and heal allies. Yang
Al Akra
Echidna The user produced a orb of shining light which blinds the enemy and confuses the target. This also enables to create illusions. Yang
Ur Akra
Anastasia Hoshin The user creates a sphere of shining light, within the sphere, the user is able to see through walls and is being healed constantly. Yang
Ex Akra
Shaula The user absorbs all natural light from the terrain inside of himself and becomes invisible. While invisible, the user's attack are burned and leave burning wounds behind. Yang

Seliumin Akra
Nathan Harmonia The user fires a flame which creates a divine shield around the target or ally. If used on an enemy, the fire cannot run out and will continue. Casted on an ally, the target gets healed and regains Mana slowly. Yang

Akra Vita
Historia The user drains the Aura or Mana from the minor spirits in the atmosphere. It's casted quickly and can be used rapidly. The user is healed fast, atleast under a minute. Yang

Priscilla Barielle The user shoots a shining light mana crystal into various directions. Yang

Philia Lirium
Julius Juukulius The user shoots a beam of magical produced light that after a couple of second explodes and shoots in a direction. Yang

Al Wald
Priscilla Barielle The user is able to shoot multiple shining light mana crystals into various directions up to 20 crystals. Yang

User fires heat rays from their fingers. Yang
Al Jiwald
Echidna User fires heat rays from their hands and paralyzes the target. Yang
Nathan Harmonia The user heals a target at touch. Yang
Al Libra
Nathan Harmonia The User creates a healing circle, and heals everyone inside of it. Yang
Nathan Harmonia The user shares his thoughts with someone near, and is able to communicate with them. Unable to use often. Yang

Art Types