The Kingdom Knights are the military force of the Kingdom of Lugnica.


The Kingdom Knights are tasked with defending the kingdom from dangers, their total number around 2000 strong. There are a total of four divisions, with their members distinguishable by the color of the cape they wear. Starting from the first division, the cape colors are red, blue, green, and black.

The Kingdom Knights seem to have an unspoken agreement when it comes to the guardroom mess hall, being that the lower divisions always sit closest to the entrance, with the farthest tables reserved for members of the Royal Guard. Members of each division tend to group and socialize with other members of their division.

Royal GuardEdit

The Royal Guard are an elite group within the Kingdom Knights.

The Royal Guard is described to be a group that anyone within the Kingdom Knights dreams of entering. They are tasked with protecting the king and the members of the royal family. All members of the Royal Guard are handpicked by the captain Heinkel van Astrea and wear a white cape.

Formerly, those of a notable household or those with a strong backer had a large say in the entrance process, however those practices have long since been abolished, making the Royal Guard the strongest force within the kingdom.