Alias The Betelgeuse
The Batenkaitos
The Alphard
The Sirius
 Nickname Jensie
• Characteristics•
 Race Human
 Gender Male
 Age 19
 Hair Color White
 Eye Color Light Blue
 Height 175
• Professional Status•
 Affiliation Kingdom of Lugnica
Emilia Camp
 Occupation Emilia's Knight
• Personal Status•
 Status Alive
 Classification Breaker 5
 Rating SS
 Mana Ranking E
• Abilities and Equipment•
 Magic Yin Magic
 Authority Authority of Greed
Authority of Sloth
Authority of Gluttony
Authority of Pride
Authority of Wrath
 Semblance Shadow Semblance
 Aura Color Black Aura
 Weapon Legendary Legacy of Leo Reiss
 Equipment Eldian Armor Set
• Debuts•
 Story Arc Arc 1

I am not trying to be the hero. I am not trying to become awesome and get all the fame, i just want to save her.

— Jens, Arc 1

Jens is the male protagonist in Re:Kingdom. He is a mysterious person that got summoned to Lugunica by Satella without any memories of his past. He soon met Emilia and became her knight and lived at Roswaal L Mathers's Mansion. After he saved the Mansion against eBranwen's Infilitration, Jens and Emilia started to date.

After the Witch Cult attacks in Nastra and Priestella, Emilia and her camp decided to save Arlam Village, where the Sanctuary was and where both Emilia and Jens completed Echidna's Trials. Thanks to the Trials, Jens learned how to use his Witch Abilities with full potential. During his second trial, Jens created a contract with the Artificial Spirit Beatrice, and she became his main source of Mana and the two became a strong duo. Later, Jens and his friends made their way to meet the Sage, however, the Sage was absent and the group met his apprentice, Shaula. They succeeded the Sage Trials and Jens officially became the Legendary Sage, gaining him his alias.

Five years following his death against Sirius A, he lived under the identity of Eos Auxesia, a Volakian Soldier which was the mentor of the Quinx Squad. His memories were initially lost to him, but regained during an Extermination Operation at the Sanctuary.


Jens is a man with light skin and is slightly below average height, with a lean and toned build. He has spiky blond hair and blue eyes. Jens wears a standard soldier uniform. This is the uniform he wears for most of his other appearances, with slight variations. He has a silver earring in his left ear.


Jens is a really nice guy. He never judges people on their look. Though Jens does hesitate sometimes if he can trust a person or not. Either way, he is always loyal to the person he loves or likes. Jens has always been nice, even after all the things he went through. While Jens tends to not read the situations he encounters, ultimately leading him to make irrational decisions, he is loyal to those he holds dear, willing to help them, even if that means taking the thorny path. He has his resolve confirmed through the many situations and circumstances he faces. Eventually, he resolves himself to be faithful and protective of the ones that he cares most about.


Black Aura: Jens has a somewhat rare aura color. Black is an Aura color which means death or the end.

Sword skills: Through all the years of training and fighting, Jens has considerable skills with a sword. Though all of his enemies would judge him by his look and consider Jens weak.

Legendary Legacy of Leo : It's rather unknown how he received the Legacy of Leo, however he does have access to all weapons which contain in the power. He's able to summon multiple weapons at the same out of thin air and it doesn't require mana.

  • Blade of Eldia :
  • The Spear of Vengeance :
  • Thas'Dorah, The Legacy of The Windrunners :
  • The Katana of Summer :
  • The Medallion of Summer :

Authority: Jens can use several Authorities after he killed a Sin Archbishop that represented that sin.

  • Return by Death is Jens' primary ability. He uses it to return by death every time he dies. He returns to a randomly picked point before he died.

Yin Magic: Jens is a non skilled Yin mage. While his gate is half broken, his artificial spirit Beatrice helps him consuming Mana from her gate or from the atmosphere. He has several abilities he actually used by himself:

Spirit user: While Jens his gate is broken, he can still use Yin magic, because of his artificial spirit, Beatrice. Though according to her contract, he isn't an actual Spirit user, so he can’t use his maximum power in a real fight. The contract has some rules to make Beatrice his Artificial Spirit:

  • Jens cannot form a contract with other Spirits
  • Beatrice cannot restore mana on her own
  • Beatrice cannot use the mana in the atmosphere
  • Beatrice can only drain mana from Jens.


  • Jens’ surname is still, to this day, unknown.
  • His birthday is on the 28th of April.