The Gusteko family, formerly known as the Gusteko Clan, is a human clan that originated from the Northern Lands.


Throughout the History of the World, the Gusteko family changed themselves through the events that they went through. They often made choices which would lead to World Wars or other kinds of chaos.

The Gusteko family believes that "Chaos is the Preferred state of Nature", and do anything to keep thinking that way.

After certain events, the Holy Kings decided to add branch families to the Gusteko Family.


The founder of the Gusteko family was Glacier. He was a wanderer until he came across with the Great Spirit Odglass. At first, Odglass did not trust humanity, and wanted to be left alone on the Mountain of Pardkia, but after they shared conversations, Odglass came to trust Glacier. To show him its respect, Odglass granted him the power to become the first Holy King. Glacier claimed that title and soon became the first Northern Royal of Lugunica.

After many years, Glacier formed a nation with the small countries of the North, and created the Holy Kingdom of Gusteko.

Before Glacier died, he wanted to be sure that whatever happens, his state of mind would live on, so he adopted two children, and kept his own son. His blood related son, Igor Gusteko, his first adopted son, Kichimura Washuu and his second adopted son, Lyan Kamishiro became the successors of Gusteko. The Gusteko main family ruled the country while the Kamishiro and Washuu families led the Kingdom in times of need.


Distant familiesEdit

  • The Washuu family was considered to be one of the closest families to the Gusteko family.
  • The Kamishiro family was considered to be one of the closest families to the Gusteko family.