VotE Destroyed
The First Great Lugunica War was a war which took place thousand years ago.


The War got started because of the greed which all leaders had. Every leader wanted to have the Sanctuary in their own country, though Ymir refused to move it as it was against the Truth of Emerada. After Ymir's refusing, Yulia and Marcal started a alliance and declared war. Mestra how ever didn't care.


The First Great Lugunica War started in year .

During year -500, a unknown person appeared and destroyed all the capitals with one ability which created a invisable force field, destroying everything touched by the forcefield. The only thing he said during the destruction of Nastra was :

~ "You don't know what you are fighting for. The real thing you should be fighting for are the Three towers. You guys just don't realise what pain is".

The War ended during year -498. The Reason how the war ended is yet unknown. Some say that a superior being erased the phenomenom or changed the humans memories.

Royal LeadersEdit