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The Demi-Human War was a war where Demi-Human's fought for equality.


Due to the actions of the Witch of Envy, Half Elves and other half races (also known as Demi-Humans) were considered to be heretical, with the prejudice extending to Demi-Humans themselves. Amidst all of that, a Demi-Human village was involved in a conflict with a Human village, and at a peace conference those sent from the castle were assassinated, leading both sides to claim that it was the other side's fault. The conflict eventually grew until it spread across Lugnica, lasting until the Demi-Humans admitted that it wouldn't benefit anyone to keep on fighting, though they still claimed not to be responsible for the assassination. The decision to end the war was considered to have brought about by the Sword Saint's actions. Damage from the war existed deep within people and people still harbor prejudice against half races even if it isn't spoken aloud.