Arc 25.1
War of Decision
 Year 504
 Arc Arc 25
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War of Decision is the 25th Arc of Re;Kingdom.

Trailer SummaryEdit

The time has come, this will be history, the second war. The Great Lugunica War II

The dragon kingdom, homeland of Volcanica. Will Reinhard and the candidates be enough to protect the kingdom? But... Where is Volcanica?

The frozen empire known as Gusteko... While her tears fall, will her kingdom too and who is the Clazed Prince?

The Emperor of the west, is still frozen in the wrath of Annie, what will his kingdom do and will Halibel be able to protect his land all alone?

And the worst, the well known, south... Vincent Volakia is planning something huge, now the Quinx Squad is gone... does he have a trump card?

The fled queen of Icathia, where is she? If she won't return, who will be Icathia's protector? Is this maybe a plan within a plan?

But... the most mysterious and forgotten land in history will be remembered this day! Are the Warriors enough to save her reputation?

The Witch Cult... yes, the Witch Cult will also return from their lands. They will fight to destroy Lugunica and make a own world, a world where everyone lives a happy life, a world where nobody dies, a world where pain is no word. A happy world... are the remaning Sin Archbishops enough to destroy Lugunica and complete the Gospel's qualities?

Kingdoms shall fall, Heroes will die, friendship will break but most important... the most important is forgotten...

Featured CharactersEdit